SuperEasy Password Manager Free

SuperEasy Password Manager Free

Never forget your password again

Never forget your password again

Your master password is all you need. During registration or login procedures, SuperEasy Password Manager Free automatically detects when a password is required and generates a secure password on-the-fly. Furthermore, SuperEasy Password Manager Free automatically fills in forms with your personal information, if desired.

This free version lets you manage up to fifteen account passwords and one identity card. SuperEasy Password Manager PRO lets you manage any number of account passwords and identity cards.

All Features:

- Fill out forms instantly

- Log In automatically

- Manage web accounts

- Integrated password generator

- Manage app accounts

- Create encrypted identities

- Create encrypted memos

- Virtual keyboard

- Encrypted backups of your passwords

SuperEasy`s innovative software products set technological standards right from the start and are known for their advanced, mature technology and usability. The software is designed for beginners as well as experienced users so that anyone can achieve successful results.

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SuperEasy Password Manager Free


SuperEasy Password Manager Free